• Mike A.Mike A., 7 years ago

    It is strange to comment on a sponsor but we've been using Fullstory in our company and I am excited by this product. They offer the easiest and cheapest form of user research. If you don't know it, you should definitely check it out!

    1.) You get recordings of people using your app or website and this will help you to understand them.

    2.) The technology behind the recording is by far the best I've seen - I tried Inspectlet, Mouseflow, Hotjar and all had problems with single page/JS apps (you know SPAs are the future! ;)

    3.) Very detailed filtering by default - you can filter people by geography specifics (city, country,...), technology (device, OS, browser, resolution,...), events (clicked button, last visit ...), behaviour (rage clicks, session time,...).

    4.) Easy integrations with third-party services. We use Intercom and Trello.

    5.) For every recording you have an access to people's console - this is great for our front-end developers - they see the problems as they happen and are able to replicate them easily.

    6.) They have an API so you can connect it with your application and see particular users with name, e-mail and so on.

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