AMA: Brad Frost, Web Designer

7 years ago from Brad Frost, Brad Frost Web

  • Brad FrostBrad Frost, 7 years ago

    Hey Maxwell, thanks for having me! This is a ton of fun.

    how many specific talks do you have and how do you tailor each to their respective audiences? (if applicable :)

    Great question, and I don't really have a great answer. My talks seem like ever-evolving blobs of content, and topics tend to bleed into each other quite a bit. As much as I'd love to have a handful of done-and-dusted talks that I could automatically deliver, it never seems to work that way. I do try to pepper in audience-specific references when I can, but I often find it's helpful to introduce audiences to ideas that may be bigger than their specific industries.

    I dig your mantra, "Work hard. Don't be an asshole. Share what you know."... specific to the latter, how do you notice yourself sharing what you know? (i.e. website, twitter, blog, other...) And on the opposite end of that, where do you recommend people to follow you for the latest and greatest?

    Thanks! I try to share as much as humanly possible, and lately that's taken quite a few different forms. I'm writing my book in the open, I tweet a lot, I blog a lot (a little less so lately because I'm writing the book), I help make resourcesites, I helped make a podcast, I shareexamples, I sharetools, I sharetalks.

    My philosophy is that it's not about the work you do, but rather what you enable other people to do. It's been so incredibly fortunate to learn from the creative exhaust of others, so I want to do what I can to contribute. It's so incredibly inspiring to see people take my little nuggets of ideas and turn them into truly incredible things.

    You're no doubt busy!... where do you find the majority of your time/work being spent as of late? (design, writing, speaking, consulting, workshops...)

    All of the above :) I'm currently in the middle of a client project while scampering around the world giving talks, workshops, consultation, amongst other things. I try to fit writing my book in between all of that, which I've found to be challenging.

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