AMA: Brad Frost, Web Designer

7 years ago from Brad Frost, Brad Frost Web

  • Gen Uine, 7 years ago

    Hey Brad!

    How would you recommend introducing the concept of atomic design as a way of approaching design problems to both creative and account members, in a work environment where design culture is limited... & workflows & human interactions are very, mm, ... waterfall, deliverable-driven, anxious, & anti-agile (amongst other issues) ?

    (Not to boat-float, but I sometimes crush those stykeguide podcasts @ the gym to give Spotify a break. Thanks!)

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    • Brad FrostBrad Frost, 7 years ago

      I just wrote about Pitching Patterns in my book.

      I've found it's a bit easier to sell these concepts to the teams actually doing the work. People tend to appreciate working faster and smarter. But for the people holding the pursestrings, you may need to approach things differently. Tie the benefits of a pattern-driven process in with financial savings, and you'll be more likely to convince them to bite on it.

      I've also found it's helpful for the organization to feel the pain of an inconsistent experience. That's why I think conducting an interface inventory is a great idea. You don't need to be a designer to understand having 150 button styles is probably a bad idea.

      And even if they say no, do it anyways. Ask forgiveness, not permission.

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