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almost 8 years ago from Benjamin Dauton, Designer

  • Anaïs design, almost 8 years ago (edited almost 8 years ago )

    Hi Benjamin, On the Tuleap project you have a special character encoding problem (see the last screen) I also find it strange that the nav bar is white and quite subtle while you're not browsing the content but as soon as you start scrolling (so reading/looking at your work) the nav bar becomes blue and bold. I would have done the exact opposite :)

    I could be also interesting to add urls of the website and app. It differentiates your porfotolio from the "students" one that doesn't have "real" projects.

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    • Benjamin DautonBenjamin Dauton, almost 8 years ago

      For the first point, my first approach was to have a white and subtle nav bar but when I scrolled, it was difficult to read the navbar content: white navbar on top of a white content with screenshots… Maybe I should try something less "eye-catching".

      Concerning the URLs, they are given at the end of the "Project description" part of each project. Maybe they have to stand out more, under the title and date?

      Thanks for the feedback!

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      • Anaïs design, almost 8 years ago

        Ho now i see it ! And don't forget the last screen of tuleap, the special character really catched my eyes :) And I think that when you're scrolling through the content it's not such a problem if the navbar is not so visible. If you want to put emphasis on the nav, i would put the blue background around the nav between the different works.

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      • Anaïs design, almost 8 years ago

        Also, I REALLY like the small mention "(I didn't design the logo)" > Super honest and very pro :)

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