• Keenan CummingsKeenan Cummings, over 10 years ago

    I think this thesis is worth testing. Could the design process be disentangled from the from the business process and sold as a package. You have to ask if the current popular process actually limits the potential of the work since it (as Ben mentions in his blog post) requires the designer to get involved in "launching, leading, growing and managing a product". If the creative process can happen independently, it just might be able to get farther than it would have otherwise. I suspect that if someone ends up buying this brand, they are going to have to "rise to the occasion" — go beyond where they might have been comfortable had they ben more involved in the process all along.

    I've found that designer's lack of business acumen has more do with interest than ability. If your creative and have a vision for a business or product that you think needs to be in the world, should you also have to learn how to incorporate a business, set up payroll, seek out and sell to investors, etc?

    The fundamental question here is whether this can be sold in the market as a new kind of design service product. It's worth testing and if Ben proves it out, he has a lot to gain. I appreciate this not just for the cool design of Hessian (still admiring the colors!), but for the proof of concept that he's put out to test a radical thesis.

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