• Justin EdmundJustin Edmund, over 10 years ago

    A brand is useless without a designer to implement and extend it.

    A brand is also a lot more than a collection of visual elements and implementations.

    There's something extremely dangerous for the design community if we begin to make it okay to sell our ideas wholesale to the highest bidder, who in all likelihood will not be able to do them justice without the creator's guidance.

    That about sums up my thoughts on it without turning this into a long diatribe.

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    • Ben PierattBen Pieratt, over 10 years ago

      "extremely dangerous"?

      C'mon now. We're talking mood and aesthetics here. This isn't Burma.

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      • Justin EdmundJustin Edmund, over 10 years ago

        I'm not one to mince words, so forgive me and know that no offense is intended:

        If mood and aesthetics are the most important thing to you about a brand, go paint a painting. If you want to do design, you have to solve a problem.

        The danger in wholesale brands is the same as selling wholesale logos: You're miseducating people on the value of design and how good design is made. Sure, some people only want to spend a few bucks on the design of their company/app/whatever because its not important to them. Those people will probably always exist. As professionals, though, we really shouldn't encourage that.

        Design—good, respectable design—is more than just slapping together a system devoid of context, selling it for a few grand to the highest bidder, and being on your merry way. It's about more than mood and aesthetics, and thats why I think that the communities that have formed on sites like Dribbble are poison as well. Design, at least how I define it, is about thinking through and visually solving a problem.

        There's no problem here.

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