• Jibran KutikJibran Kutik, over 10 years ago

    As an experiment or an art project, I'm intrigued. It's gorgeous work and a really great set of visual elements.

    Practically, however, I don't see this being a thing that makes any sense. A brand is far more than a collection of logos, t-shirt designs and app icons. This is like the epitome of design as decoration. Art for art's sake. I feel like you could almost go as far as defining this more as 'art' than as 'design,' if one would allow the distinction.

    That said, some desperate startup could get a great set of icons and buttons for a pretty good price, I wouldn't be surprised if he sells it.

    (I posted this on the other thread about Hessian, but figured I'd repost here since that thread should probably be killed since this one came first)

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    • Foobar YeahFoobar Yeah, over 10 years ago

      You are right, feels like "an art project" and that's key. If this sells its even more relevant as art, and even a critique about what design means.

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