Opinion: Web design is now completely boring(thenextweb.com)

over 7 years ago from Jayna Wallace, Technical Project Manager @ Complex / Former Head of Product & Design @ Spirited Media

  • cliff nowickicliff nowicki, over 7 years ago

    A lot of web design today is all about content and UX. For the most part, to make this experience super easy to use, its super basic in design. A lot of designers that are being backed into the wall and having to learn code use Bootstrap as a crutch. They compromise some of their design to make it fit into a framework. It's easy, it has good documentation and it has a wide audience of support to refer too if something doesn't work. Everybody says they don't work in a framework and that they think outside the box, but I have seen many sites that really are that way. Back in the day, websites wanted you to figure out how to do things. Some sites weren't usable, but some sites were playgrounds ready to be explored.

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