We Need Sketch for the iPad Pro

7 years ago from Daniel Winter, Designer & Developer

  • Rob HaverlyRob Haverly, 7 years ago

    What? Is this a serious response? I agree that Sketch Mirror needs to released on Android. I also agree that Sketch needs to release a Windows version. But 90% of the UI/IxD industry being on PC/Linux is most certainly false.

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    • Daniel WinterDaniel Winter, 7 years ago

      Well the Android version shouldn't be much of a problem imho as sketch mirror would just have to send a png to the phone and display it 1:1. Or maybe even SVG. Therefore I agree that an android version might be good. But then again, what stops you from previewing your android design on an iphone? You have to calculate with 1000+ Resolutions anyways :)

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