We Need Sketch for the iPad Pro

7 years ago from Daniel Winter, Designer & Developer

  • Surjith S MSurjith S M, 7 years ago

    Actually only less than 10% uses a MAC. if you found 5 designers on 10 Mac users, how much will you find in 80 Windows users?

    I don't have a reference for stats, but I can say, If you take all designers in my country (India) there's only 2-5% uses a Mac. This is same for all developing countries.

    You will come to know, when they released the Windows version, they'll got some download stats.

    The world is bigger than you think, dear :)

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    • Daniel WinterDaniel Winter, 7 years ago

      Of course honey, this may be true for india, but I'm sure that a huge part of Europe and USA designers use macs. In my students class we had 58 macs and 2 windows laptops, for comparison. This makes up for a lot of windows users.

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      • Surjith S MSurjith S M, 7 years ago

        Yup. Only on USA, UK & Australia. There are 100+ other countries..

        Search for OS Stats on Google. will give you some insights :)

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        • Daniel WinterDaniel Winter, 7 years ago

          I never doubted that OSX's market share overall ain't big. In fact its about 16% in the USA, 9.5% within Europe and under 1% in India (http://gs.statcounter.com/#desktop-os-IN-monthly-201408-201508). But as you mentioned some of these are developing countries where you might not even be able to charge the full price. And it would only be possible if you would rewrite the app from scratch. OSX provides lots of drawing functions that sketch uses, if they had to redo all the code I'm sure many functions and speed would suffer from a rewrite, especially if they do it in Adobes way for example.

          OSX still is the better OS for designers, I mentioned many apps that are OSX exclusive and have no windows counterpart in another comment. I don't think the market share of OSX outside of Europe and USA is a huge factor for app devs of the western world to be honest, meaning no offense.

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          • Surjith S MSurjith S M, 7 years ago

            I don't think the market share of OSX outside of Europe and USA is a huge factor for app devs of the western world

            Yes. That's true.. only for western world.. may be...

            I'm not in love with Sketch yet. because I've never tried that.

            While I started an iPhone recently for Testing. Now I'm sure how Mac would be. As a Windows user, I might break it in to two pieces :P (which I'm doing with the iPhone :P )

            The reason is Windows and Mac works in different way. You'll feel the same when you use a WIndows..

            so, What I was asking is for a Windows version of Sketch to try out. I really interested to see whether it works great than Adobe.

            Its time to sleep now... Its almost midnight here.

            Thanks for sharing your views.


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            • Elliott ReganElliott Regan, 7 years ago

              Check out Corel's suite of design apps for an alternative to Adobe: http://www.coreldraw.com

              Sketch for anything but OS X just isn't going to happen because it relies on technologies built in to OS X. It would require a complete rewrite of the entire rendering engine, every algorithm behind every tool, the plugin API, and every other bit of the app you can see and can't see, and constant testing to ensure it looks and works the same on every OS. Even massive Adobe has trouble managing that.

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        • Ivo MynttinenIvo Mynttinen, 7 years ago

          I can ensure that pretty much every designer in the US, EU, AUS and Japan is on OSX.

          Get over it, you don't run a business by selling high(er) priced software in 3rd world countries where income is low and piracy rates in the 90%'s.

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        • Nate TharpNate Tharp, 7 years ago

          Sweethearts, found some data: A recent survey of over 4,000 designers from 196 countries found that the Sketch was the most popular interface design tool edging out Photoshop. http://tools.subtraction.com/interface-design.html

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        • Foo Bar, 7 years ago

          Insights into what? Business advice for tiny Mac software companies?

          Bohemian is a developer-heavy studio, so a Windows version realistically means doubling (or more) the size of their company, and targeting a platform they have little experience with. The only business reason to do this is if they have an expectation of future earnings is greater than the cost of doing so.

          I've been watching OS stats, and for small Mac software companies, the economics are just not there. Mac users tend to pay more for software, so per-user lifetime revenue is higher. Mac users tend to upgrade their OS a lot more quickly, so there are fewer OS versions to target and maintain.

          You're asking them to write software because you want it, not because it makes any sense for them to write it. You'd have a better chance of finding some Windows software shop to write a clone of it, because at least then they'd have the relevant experience.

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    • Rifat Nabi, 7 years ago

      Fun fact is among those 98% Windows users probably only 2~5% uses a genuine Windows or Adobe Photoshop. So, even if Sketch releases a Windows version, 98% of those 98% will wait for a crack.

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    • Foo Bar, 7 years ago

      And just how many of the designers in India and other developing countries would pay $100 for a copy of Sketch?

      The same reason they're not buying Macs is the same reason they wouldn't buy Sketch.

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    • Mark Petereit, 7 years ago

      India is full of very talented developers. If there is such a high demand for Sketch on Windows in India, I'm surprised none of them has already developed an even better alternative for Windows users.

      Or perhaps demand for such an application on Windows isn't as high as you might think?

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