Checkboxes Are Never Round(

over 7 years ago from Daniel De Laney, Senior Interaction Designer at frog

  • Thomas PetersenThomas Petersen, over 7 years ago

    But this is a website not iOS. On the web they are square.

    Of course this might change over time, but what about the radio buttons then? What shape should they have?

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    • Joanne LJoanne L, over 7 years ago

      Whether it is a website or iOS it doesn't matter, both are digital experiences. The user is not going to act or think differently just because the interaction is within a browser. Not all websites/apps have the need for BOTH check boxes and radio buttons. If the site calls for both, then maybe the check box is square. My opinion is that the author shouldn't say never, because in some cases round check boxes can be okay.

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      • Thomas PetersenThomas Petersen, over 7 years ago

        Of course it matters. It matters whats the established patterns on the given platform are. None of these are universal laws but they are agreed upon standards that ensures that the user doesn't get confused. Thats the experience you should be aiming for anyway.

        What should the radio button be then? Square?

        These are not rules because they are the only way things can be done, they are rules because good design require consistency.

        The user experience doesn't matter here, it's purely an aesthetic choice.

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