AMA: Scott Belsky, Behance/Adobe/99U, and Investor

over 5 years ago from Scott Belsky, Founder/CEO, Behance & VP Products, Adobe

  • Scott Belsky, over 5 years ago

    My observation is that people have great creative careers when they work in the overlap of their (1) Genuine Interest (2) Skills, and (3) Opportunity that presents itself based on relationships/geography, etc...

    So, whatever you do next, you want to make sure that you're working in YOUR overlap.

    In addition, focus on who you are working with. Often we get obsessed with role, title, compensation, and culture...and we forget to REALLY do diligence on the management and the team. I think the people you work with are the most important factor of interview them, ask around, and choose a job with good people over a job with more money or prestige! Because, ultimately, you'll hate work and underperform with the wrong people around you.

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