AMA: Scott Belsky, Behance/Adobe/99U, and Investor

over 5 years ago from Scott Belsky, Founder/CEO, Behance & VP Products, Adobe

  • cliff nowickicliff nowicki, over 5 years ago

    I always loved the idea of interface layering, but never knew it was a thing until I read your article. This puts some ideas into my head to make my life simpler, especially as a dad with kids who are starting to get into computers and sports. So my question would be, as a dad, what 4 things would you layer together in a single interface?

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    • Scott Belsky, 5 years ago

      I would layer home management into a single interface. The stocking of your kitchen/refrigerator/cabinets, and the services to manage your home - these should all be aggregated and intelligent enough to work together...

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