AMA: Scott Belsky, Behance/Adobe/99U, and Investor

over 5 years ago from Scott Belsky, Founder/CEO, Behance & VP Products, Adobe

  • Daniel FoscoDaniel Fosco, 5 years ago

    Hey Scott, thanks for taking the time for this AMA :)

    What are your thoughts on Adobe no longer being perceived as the leading force behind creative software — do you get this sentiment from the community? And if that's the case, where do you think are the greatest opportunities for Adobe to create laser-focused creative software that not only helps people to do their jobs, but transforms the way they do it?

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      Hi Daniel - thanks for the question.

      I think the sentiment varies depending on who you talk to and how open they are to change. Big picture, it is remarkable how much a product like Photoshop has evolved to meet shifting demands and entirely new uses cases (like screen design) over the years. However, there is no debate that more focused tools can offer a better experience for certain tasks. My colleagues in the desktop product teams are approaching this in a number of ways. There are new workflow features like Art Boards (and more coming soon) that better serve certain segments of users. But there are also efforts underway to build new tools with the laser-focus that you describe. One example is a new iPad app called "Adobe Comp," which was created in a partnership with Khoi Vinh to serve a specific segment (designers) for a specific part of their process (concepts/layouts/mock-ups).

      But I think you bring up a broader and more important question: DOES THE WORLD NEED MORE FEATURES, OR A BETTER WAY OF CREATING?

      My vote is the latter (we've got enough features, what we need is more efficiency and fluidity). Workflows with creative tools are still full of friction. Even some of the new and cool emerging non-Adobe design apps don't play well with others. While most people focus on "Creative Cloud" as a subscription offering for Adobe's desktop products, I think of it as a service that could potentially connect your workflow across mobile and desktop AND across Adobe and 3rd party apps. Ultimately, you should be able to work in whatever tool you want with all of your assets at your fingertips, without any concern for compatibility or compromised fidelity.

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