AMA: Scott Belsky, Behance/Adobe/99U, and Investor

over 5 years ago from Scott Belsky, Founder/CEO, Behance & VP Products, Adobe

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    Hi Scott! Big fan of Behance and the content over at 99u. Thank you for doing this AMA!

    I'm currently an Electrical and Computer Engineering student at Rutgers, but I love designing UIs on the side. I don't see myself pursuing a career in design, however, whatever I do in the future will undoubtedly take design into great consideration. My question to you is: in a field like engineering, how do you communicate to others the importance of and need for good design?

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    PS: If you're around in NY, I'd love to grab some coffee with you and chat about #1, #2, and #9!

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      So....You are an electrical and computer engineering student at Rutgers who deeply values design... Wow, you have a golden path ahead of you. ;-)

      Design is a value. And like any other values you wish to instill in your team, you need people to understand and experience the importance. This starts with hiring the right people, how you position design in the company (is it outsourced or managed by some PM? or is there a designer co-founder and/or leader with a "seat at the table?"), and how your process empowers design (do designers/design-minded leaders set the product vision, or some business PM?).

      Either in NY or SF, happy to share a vegetarian meal!

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