Ask DN: Which books are you reading currently?

8 years ago from Youlanda Kuo, Product designer at Funding Societies

  • Adrian HowardAdrian Howard, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    Finished this month:

    • The Annihilation Score, Charlie Stross — Latest in the Laundry Files series, probably the best since the original. Nice to see Mo's POV for once.
    • Cunning Plans, Warren Ellis — Collection of some talks by Ellis. Seen/read most of them before but worth a re-read. His talent for a pithy phrase makes me jealous.
    • Just One Damn Thing After Another, Jodi Taylor - Time travelling historians. Soapy fun.
    • A Symphony of Echos, Jodi Taylor — Still fun
    • A Second Chance, Jodi Taylor — Series reboot via parallel worlds.
    • A Trail Through Time, Jodi Taylor - Still entertaining
    • No Time Like The Past, Jodi Taylor - More fun

    Currently reading:

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