Site Design: Looks like Slack is A/B testing a new marketing site

over 8 years ago from Adam Wintle, Experienced Product Manager and Maker

  • Martin LeBlancMartin LeBlanc, 8 years ago

    Such a shame.

    There are so many elements to play around with:

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    • Chris DonerChris Doner, 8 years ago

      I'm thinking that they already have a pretty good strangle-hold on the design agency / creative market. This colorful / angled style appeals to us for sure, but could scare away some of the more "straight laced" corporations / businesses. I'm guessing they went a slightly more traditional approach to try and appeal to that market now.

      Sometimes Purpose > Aesthetics

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      • Amelie LamontAmelie Lamont, 8 years ago

        I completely agree. It’s the same dilemma that we’re currently struggling with at my company for our rebrand (we want to be fun, but not too fun, buttoned up, but not too buttoned up).

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