Adobe confirms CC Update for Tuesday

over 8 years ago from Cristian Moisei,

  • Charles PearsonCharles Pearson, over 8 years ago

    Everybody knows artboards is in the PS release, but so much more is also included. There's a big goodie bag of fun coming tomorrow -- including (but not limited to) improvements to export and libraries that we also showed off last week. It will be a fun time.

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    • Robert PaigeRobert Paige, over 8 years ago

      Thanks for reassuring us Charles!

      Besides artboards, do you know if scaling Smart Objects will be fixed (changing the Image Interpolation is a pain)

      Also being able to work with type will be easier, such as copying text formats from Chrome to Photoshop?

      I could wait tomorrow, but I feel uneasy that Adobe isn't doing anything about these issues since CS6.

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