Adobe confirms CC Update for Tuesday

over 8 years ago from Cristian Moisei,

  • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, over 8 years ago

    Hey Mattan - completely agree with you that PS has become bloated and it's not really suited for UI. See one of my older articles here:

    The new update however could be a step in the right direction if they deliver everything they promised (I got to test a beta a while ago).

    The way I see it - Illustrator is not meant for UI either, but rather illustration and it's just as clunky and imperfect. Fireworks hasn't been updated in years, and Sketch, while dedicated to UI, feels like more of a toy than a serious program and has no windows version.

    Until an amazing tool comes along, making PS better for UI design is a welcome change.

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