Ask DN: How do you conduct user research?

over 8 years ago from Lee Munroe, Design @ OneSignal

  • Nathan Garvie, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    We do a lot of in-person moderated user research with out clients and have struggled with the same amount of time getting eaten up be recruiting. scheduling, etc. Typically we have a dedicated researcher handle the back and forth and run the research sessions with designers taking notes.

    We've also used google hangouts in the past to broadcast sessions to remote team members.

    We've used recruitment agencies (for non-users or specific demographics) before but typically have a pretty long lead time, are expensive and don't get great quality of participants. Getting a short lead time is a huge game changer in our process. Allows us to validate decisions or expose holes in our design really fast.

    Side note: We've also been using a tool we built called Koala for recruiting remote and in-person research participants, specifically non-users. Had the same 24 hour turn around on booking sessions as well.

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