Unicasts: Learn to build Ruby on Rails Web Apps From Design to Code (unicasts.com)

over 8 years ago from Mackenzie Child, I’m a designer & developer. I have a passion for making things & teaching others how to do the same.

  • Joel CalifaJoel Califa, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    This seems really great. I love the design and the animations and the pricing seems reasonable (obviously depending on how good and consistent the content is).

    This might be petty, but I'm really not a fan of the term unicorn. Too self aggrandizing for a skill set that's no longer that rare.

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    • Mackenzie Child, over 8 years ago

      Thanks Joel!

      I was wary of the term at first, but I've fully embraced it, haha. But I think that it's still a pretty rare skill set to have. Definitely not as rare as maybe a few years back, but I think we could still come a long way as a community.

      That was my entire goal with Unicasts, to teach people those skills to be able to take their ideas from start to finish :)

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