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over 8 years ago from Eduardo Nunes,

  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, over 8 years ago

    wow, each iteration is polished enough to be a final product. impressive work.

    it would be interesting to hear why the design went down the path it did -- there's some pretty big leaps along the way.

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    • Eduardo NunesEduardo Nunes, over 8 years ago

      Thank you very much, Jim!

      I'm not sure I'd still remember the reasoning behind most of these decisions (some of the first iterations are, after all, nearly 2 years old) and I doubt it would be all that interesting. But if I can find the time to sit and write down whatever I can recall, I'll definitely do that!

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      • Pramesh AttwalaPramesh Attwala, over 8 years ago

        2 years to design a website! What was the budget for this project?!

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        • Eduardo NunesEduardo Nunes, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

          Haha not really, Pramesh, take it easy.

          I did start working on it two years ago, but my work is long finished. I just couldn't share it until the client decided to make it public, which happened very recently.

          Still, to answer your question: the budget was a lot lower than it should ;)

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