Anyone Working At Agency Using Slack? How Do You Use It?

8 years ago from Hendra Susanto, Technical Lead at Mirum Jakarta

  • Théo Blochet, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    We at @ikomobi (mobile agency, 30 people, France/Spain) made the move to Slack quite organically.

    I implemented it, invited a couple of people I knew would be early adopters and promoters of the tool. Then it grew into teams, slowly but surely. Now, everyone (almost) is using it.

    The case for Slack agains Whatsapp is that Slack is much more than a discussion plateform. It's a productivity tool.

    If you want to promote it internally within your team, I suggest you organise a lunch & learn about the tool to tell your team just that.

    For us, it has been a no-brainer :

    • Search allows us to post links and thoughts within different "watch" channels ( #usageWatch, #devWatch, #statsWatch, #iOS, #Android, etc.), so that they can be easily found later
    • Integrations of Trello/Jira/Hangouts/Google Drive made it really easy for us to gather information and relevant notifications in the same place. It actually allows you to avoid checking other tools on a regular basis. There must be tons of others that will save your agency time and efforts.
    • The transparency aspect of it allowed designers and developers to challenge each other and work together better on a variety of topic, as they could enter and comment within each other's channel in a very open way

    However, there needs to be some rules for how to use the tool : what #general and #random are for, what you can and cannot post, etc. Also, you need to make clear that "the Switch" is official : you can't have some of your team that's still email-only, while others are communicating important information on Slack.

    You need to make Slack official for internal communications, and email for external communications. Once this is clear in everyone's head, I think it is a great improvement for all involved.

    Good luck with that ! :)

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    • Pieter WalravenPieter Walraven, 8 years ago

      Some really great points in there about how to 'sell' it internally.

      Do you have any learnings on how to get the more traditional and less tech-savvy people on? Like some older more traditional managers or other more digital illiterate coworkers if any?

      Curious to hear about how they initially reacted on Slack, what was their experience like?

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