• Duncan ReganDuncan Regan, 6 years ago

    I'll tell you that it's sometimes hard to wrap your mind around a framework that was built to solve a particular pain point if you've never experienced that particular pain.

    My advice is a little round about, but build a few somethings (small small apps) in jquery using the plain old DOM, interacting with a few external APIs, and you might find that you start to figure out a few tricks that are the basis of these frameworks. Place a bunch of state in the DOM and have it get messed up, fix a bunch of bugs related to disappeared elements with event listeners, and soon you'll start placing state in some central store and use data properties to toggle your events, etc. etc. and you're half way to using react.

    Start using lodash and learn a bit of functional style programming and you're getting even closer (actually, this is huge, try not writing for loops for a while and you might find you never really want to use them).

    There are a lot of ideas in the new frameworks that perhaps you've never heard of or known that you wanted, but after feeling the pain of the old ways, you really appreciate them and learn them better.

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