The Mediocre Movement(

almost 6 years ago from Mohammad Hossein Rabiee, Front-End Developer

  • Louis BLouis B, almost 6 years ago

    If I remember correctly he posted a while ago an apology to letterer's like Hische, Contino etc for ripping them off quite a bit when he started out. I.e. copying their style to make his own. Which is what everybody does, and in my opinion has to, to develop their own style. Not 'rip them off' per say, but at least use them as influences a lot. It's natural.

    Which perpetuates this 'mediocre' world he's talking about.

    Although on the other hand, I do get frustrated seeing very bad 'typographers' getting a ton of likes on instagram etc. But then I remember the difference between instagram and real-life and move on with my day.

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