The Mediocre Movement(

almost 6 years ago from Mohammad Hossein Rabiee, Front-End Developer

  • Eduardo NunesEduardo Nunes, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    I was just surprised to learn this article is from the same guy who wrote this, which is essentially ridiculing opinions very similar to this.

    I'm not trying to pick a bone with Ryan, and I genuinelly think he didn't actually mean everyone who's below his skill level should just stop putting out subpar work, instead of continuing to drill through the mediocrity until getting there. I think I got his point that some people are trying to jumpstart their career by skipping the first and most important bits of learning a craft, and I can even sympathize with it, but there is definitely something about the way he writes that makes you feel like he's being judgemental of other people's progress — I got that as well.

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