• c kizerc kizer, over 8 years ago

    Why can't the cursor change to reflect when you are over a hotspot? This would be so helpful! I could care less about the super annoying mobile touch point preview cursor.

    Clients and product managers, tech writers, CEO, CFO, and tons of extremely smart people at my company can't figure invision out. The sample projects throw them off.

    The CEO thought the Invision sample iPhone app was my redesign of our app, seriously he wanted to know why everything was so drastically changed. When I explained that those are fake apps, he asked why i didn't just send him the proper files to begin with.

    Signup is confusing, if user gets invite to project email, creates account they don't see the project. They then delete the invite but will never ever on earth see the project i sent to them now. I end up sending the link over and over, and helping them click the email or spending 30 minutes on the phone. Why can't I just invite people without them clicking to accept? anyone with there email is automatically accepting.

    These are core things. Also allow me to LOCK in the view on a project for per project settings. Sometime changes the view to iPhone 5, it changes it for everyone. I want to set them and not allow it to be changed.

    I just want to simply send the ENTIRE 60 screen project to a manager for review without having to spend 60 minutes showing them how to leave feedback, how to see my feedback, how to toggle to the next screen. The learning curve is so steep.

    They do all love the idea of a system where all the files go.

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