• Will PooleWill Poole, over 8 years ago

    Hey Stephen Olmstead!

    As much as I love Invision, for me and the design team at work. There is one big UX grip we especially have with Invision, which is repetition...

    Most of our projects on Invision can be 50 screens minimum in most cases and when we have to upload new screens, showing various elements of a common page or screen. We have to individually update/amend the hotspots across all of them. This for us is a massive time waster!

    Is there any chance that you and your team could develop the Invision system to incorporate the feature: Hotspot Boiler Templating?

    I.e. Go into a project, select hypothetically the Home Page or the main screen of an App where the majority of common nav links are. Create the hotspots, then group them together and save it as a reusable hotspot template to apply across many screens in one go.

    Then one can simply go into each page and have all the common hotspots setup and all that is needed to be done to create/amend specific hotspots, instead of having to create/setup all the hotspots individually for every single screen.

    Let me know what you think and anyone out there on DN please let me know what you think and if you have any other idea to better develop this, shout.

    As having to repeat the same action hundreds of times over is a massive time killer!!!


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