Designers who can't code are dinosaurs - @Allan(

6 years ago from Kevin Pruett, Developer

  • mewo a, 6 years ago

    Agreed, he's making the assumption all design is related to digital. I do more development than design these days but am from a graphics background. I have worked with a lot of young and older designers who can't code but are hugely talented in other areas like branding, illustration, film, motion, strategy ect which I know nothing about. It's a big industry and there is huge variation in skill sets which is what makes it great. His second tweet gets more snarky -

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    • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, 6 years ago

      Well said Theo... and yeah...that other tweet was even more snarky....

      I guess the take-away lesson here is it's nice that some folks spout off immature tweets like that...lets us all know who they wearing a giant sign that says 'don't hire me, i make career limiting decisions'.... :)

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