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7 years ago from John da Maia, Building Makers and Zecoda

  • Jordan Moore, 7 years ago

    Honest critique: the general vibe is all a bit Googley - mainly the colours and the type.

    Lato at small sizes in lighter weights can be tricky to read particularly the input placeholders and footer text.

    Rather than having login and signup on the right of the top section, I'd suggest balancing out the header with login and signup options over to the right - users tend to look there for such utility actions. Having both displayed on top of each other might lead to confusion.

    Not sure about the ? button beside login too, I genuinely thought it was a help tip at first but I'm guessing it's a forgot password option? If so, just say "Forgot password".

    I'm maybe being too picky on some of the above, but tidying up some of that general advice should bring it to a good place. Solid job so far though, keep it up :)

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    • John da Maia, 7 years ago

      Thank you very much Jordan. The '?' It is indeed for the 'forget password' and 'remember me' option. I will try to put the log in form in the header.

      Regarding the text VS video approach, what do you think?

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      • Jordan Moore, 7 years ago

        No problem Joao :)

        I'd personally prefer text, I'm not sure what the majority of users would make of it, but I find myself in contexts where it's not practical to watch a video or I might watch with audio muted if the visuals can communicate the message to me.

        Text on the other hand can be read in any context.

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