Designers - How Do You Start Developing a Site?

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  • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    I always like to know what is needed before touching any code.

    That means I’ll rough out ideas on paper, in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop first. I realise those approaches aren’t always popular with responsive web design, but I think static tools have a lot of value, especially early on in the process.

    For websites, I’ll typically only work out components in Illustrator/Photoshop (header, footer etc), and jump into HTML/CSS pretty early.

    I do use SASS (SCSS). I don’t use any frameworks or grid systems any more (percents and box-sizing: border-box make life pretty easy).

    I’ve been using CodeKit to remove white space and compile SASS to CSS.

    I currently use Hammer for static site compiling, and to convert Markdown to HTML (handy if you have tons of text pages, articles or help docs).

    And, I’m using Coda for pretty much all the editing and FTP.

    All three of those tools have different ways to preview your pages in realtime, but I usually use Coda for that task.

    It’s another Mac app (I think everything I’ve listed is Mac only), but Espresso is also worth checking out.

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    • Nick Wittwer, almost 9 years ago

      +1 for Espresso and CodeKit. The workflow is so fluid when they're used in tandem.

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    • James Young, almost 9 years ago

      I tried Hammer and it was mildly useful but as soon as I had to pass a project (unexpectedly) across to another agency the client bought in to do other bits on, it became a bit of a nightmare as they were Windows devs so Hammer became a bit of a burden as they couldn't compile the files or work in the same way and the project that was neat and tidy fell apart a bit.

      Something to consider as not everyone is on a mac.

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    • Updula LeeUpdula Lee, almost 9 years ago


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      • Tyler Fowler, almost 9 years ago

        My votes up for Atom in this case, never could get into Sublime.

        Also I use Brackets for certain things, it's slightly more project oriented structure can be better for certain things. Unfortunately I place way too much value on good syntax highlighting and the CoffeeScript highlighting in Brackets is.. how do you say.. garbage?

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